Friday, July 12, 2013

The Doctors promote SkinMedica, manufactured with a process involving baby foreskin

I was aware that the TV show "The Doctors", and particularly Lisa Masterson and Andrew Ordon, had shown a clear pro-circumcision bias, as shown on this video-critique.

Even when they had the chance to speak about personal choice and foreskin restoration, they were not able to discuss the benefits of foreskin restoration, the loss caused by circumcision, rather stating somewhat naively that "surgery on a man's penis is fraught with complications" (apparently without realizing that this statement on its own is condemning of circumcision)

But what I didn't know was that they had promoted SkinMedica, an anti-aging cream that is manufactured with a byproduct of culturing foreskin cells. In other words, a newborn's foreskin is grown over and over and some proteins generated during this procedure are used to make this cream, which is quite expensive. This is only one of many industrial uses of newborn foreskins, and the problem with this is that having an industry that relies on non-therapeutic amputation of foreskins creates an financial incentive to perpetuate the practice of newborn circumcision regardless of any actual benefit or risk to the patient.

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