Monday, November 25, 2013

In Israel, refusing to circumcise your child can cost US$140/daily

While Jewish groups denounce the European intolerance in calling circumcision of underage boys a violation of their physical integrity, a mother in Israel is being forced to circumcise her son as part of divorce proceedings, and in the mean time is being fined 500 nis (approximately US$140) per day until she consents to the circumcision.

Most recent article: Woman fined $140 a day for refusing to circumcise son

For the back story, read: Israel Rabbinical Court Forcing Divorcée to Circumcise Son

With this attitude, the Israeli MKs are going to have a hard time convincing Europeans that circumcision is ANYTHING but a violation of the physical integrity of children.

At this time, the Rabbinical court rejected the mother's appeal. The mother is trying to obtain support and legal help to bring the case to the High Court.

How can Jewish groups decry intolerance, and not tolerate this mother's decision over the health and physical integrity of her own son?

Detailed article (in Hebrew):

For up to date information, Facebook group: תומכים באלינור נגד כפיית ברית Supporting Elinor against forced circumcision

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