Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Response to IBT "Brian Morris (author of circumcision study) denies link to Gilgal Society"

Dear Editor,

I see your apology and remarks that Brian Morris denies involvement with the Gilgal Society. I would like to point that the Publications page of the Gilgal Society, url:

Has a link to the Reference Centre, url: which at the bottom specifies "Sponsored by The Gilgal Society". This page includes a document, "Circumcision, a guide to the parents", url:

At the bottom of this document you can clearly see: Copyright © 2006 Brian Morris and The Gilgal Society

I also want to point that Brian Morris website has a page on testimonials, url:, at the bottom of this page there is a link to a Next Section: Humor, which currently produces a page not found error. This page, however, can be found in the Internet Archive, at this url:

Points to notice:

  • Photo of a nude infant with a flip phone grasping the tip of his foreskin. Why did Mr. Morris ever consider this worth of publishing on his website, we can only guess.

  • Immediately following, a poem called "Decision

Some people claim that foreskins are fun
And keep the 'muzzle' on the gun.
But many doctors do declare:
'It's healthier with the glans laid bare'
So, mum & dad, we say to you,
You must decide what's best to do,
Your son will benefit throughout his life,
As, incidentally, will his wife;
If you make the choice that's always wise
and do decide to circumcise.
by Vernon Quantance

This poem is attributed to Vernon Quantance, the founder of the Gilgal Society (currently a convicted pedophile).

In internet comments, Mr. Morris has confirmed having previous contact with Mr. Quantance and having texts published under the Gilgal Society, which fell out of his favor with Quantance's arrest last year. And while Mr. Morris objects to the Gilgal Society's religious name, the Gilgal Society does not pretend to be a religious entity, but according to their home page "THE GILGAL SOCIETY is a not-for-profit publisher of medical educational material for the general public."

While it is sad that Mr. Morris would feel offended by your article, truth is he has association to this group and previous cooperation that he has been quick to try to erase in face of Quantance's misfortune.


  1. Thank you for posting this - that's an excellent letter. I just finished sending them a similar letter. There are documents on gilgal's site that refer to Morris. In addition, Morris links to circlist on his website; I pointed out to IBT that this is a known hangout for circumfetishists to trade material. Also, it is very sad that IBT would take Morris's word for it! Of course, he's going to lie. The documentation shows otherwise. Why trust a discredited researcher? IBT's writers should do what journalists are supposed to do and get multiple sources.

    1. But of course we are "anti-circumcision groups" disseminating "vast amounts of disinformation", aren't we? Wow.