Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some Catastrophic Complications of Circumcision Recorded During 2013

This is what the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says about catastrophic complications from circumcision, on the 2012 Policy Statement on Circumcision and Technical Report on Circumcision:

The majority of severe or even catastrophic
injuries are so infrequent as
to be reported as case reports (and
were therefore excluded from this
literature review). These rare complications
include glans or penile amputation,
198–206 transmission of herpes
simplex after mouth-to-penis contact
by a mohel (Jewish ritual circumcisers)
after circumcision,207–209 methicillinresistant
Staphylococcus aureus infection,
210 urethral cutaneous fistula,211
glans ischemia,212 and death.213

January 2, 2013. TURKEY: Boy loses penis in circumcision

February 14, 2013. BELGIUM: Male circumcision tied to less sexual pleasure

February 19, 2013. BRAZIL: Study: mortality of medical circumcision, one death in 7700

February 21, 2013. JAKARTA: 3 year old Boy with haemophilia bleeds after circumcision

February 28, 2013. JAKARTA: Mother kills 9 year old son after circumcision shrinks penis

March 5, 2013. Queens Infant Disfigured in 2011 Botched Bris, Lawsuit Charges

March 8, 2013. Baby bleeds after circumcision, suffers seizures and dies two days later. Hospital and family deny that circumcision was the cause.

March 16, 2013. UNITED STATES: More than $80 million paid out for botched circumcisions since 1985

April 6, 2013. NEW YORK. Two Infants Contract Herpes Following Circumcision and Metzitzah b'Peh.

May 29, 2013. CHICAGO: $1.3 million for botched circumcision, baby had the tip of the glans amputated during his circumcision in 2007

May 29, 2013. MOROCCO. A 3 year old child had part of the glans amputated during a hospital circumcision. This was reported online by the family, with a text in Arabic and a horrific youtube video (which was later deleted). The mother commented in our blog to let us know that a Canadian urologist had already seen the child and recommended long term follow up in case there was stenosis later, which may suggest that they were either able to re-attach or otherwise close the wound without further complications.

June 7, 2013. TEL AVIV. Baby Dies in Israeli Hospital following Circumcision. Rabbinate denies any connection with the procedure. Baby stopped breathing minutes after the circumcision.

June 10, 2013. EGYPT: Girl dies during circumcision at clinic

June 17, 2013. SAUDI ARABIA: Doctor who botched 7 circumcisions gets 6 months

June 20, 2013. SOUTH AFRICA: R2.2M for botched medical circumcision of a child in 2009. He suffered severe burning, infections and a loss of his normal penile tissue after the procedure.

July 7, 2013. CHINA: man loses penis after botched circumcision

July 8, 2013. 20 more die, nearly 300 in hospital in botched circumcisions in Eastern Cape, South Africa

5 men held for about 30 botched circumcision deaths in Eastern Cape, South Africa

UGANDA: Man loses penis in circumcision botch - July 2013


Boys forcefully circumcised in South Africa, several botched procedures

Surgery on intersex children could be unconstitutional - after sex reassignment of an intersex boy in State custody in S.C. (castration and amputation of penis)


Two more babies reported to have contracted Herpes after metzitzah b'peh during Jewish circumcision in NYC. August 2013

More men seeking legal advice after botched infant circumcisions in Australia.

4 year old boy dies after hospital circumcision in South Africa. August 2013

Nearly 80 boys and young men die after traditional circumcisions in South Africa. August 2013


UAE baby has penis partially cut off during circumcision. November 2013

UK Doctor accused of botching circumcision quits NHS - in order to perform circumcisions independently

Tennessee baby suffers amputation. August 2013. Reported November of 2013

November 28, 2013. A baby died during a medical circumcision in Afghanistan. The parents wanted to avoid the pain of a later circumcision without anesthesia. The anesthesia was improperly applied and the baby died as a consequence. This was only reported on a facebook post which was later deleted by the family.


Brooklyn Rabbi botched circumcision of baby with hypospadias. December 2009, reported December 2013.

Canadian Doctor barred from performing circumcisions after more than 80 botched procedures. Botched procedures recorded since 2010. News reported December 2013

Jewish baby in Pittsburgh has penis cut off during Jewish circumcision. April 2013. Reported December 2013


  1. Excellent compendium of this years reported circumcision catastrophes. The most extreme accidents have until now usually been swept under the rug, if they do reach the media, they are consigned to back page reports, along with editorial comments calming parents that these things "rarely happen." Thanks to the hard work of many intactivists and the advent of social media these horrific cases will continue to be reported until this sick business of cutting children's genitals ends.

    1. We need to remember that those are just the ones reported in the news media... there are undoubtedly many more that are not being reported in the news.

    2. We know only about the cases where someone contacted the police, or the parents filed a lawsuit or contacted the media. Otherwise, botched and lethal circumcisions remain secret. Parents understandably do not want their son's penis put in the public domain, and appreciate that keeping quiet encourages the likelihood of a rapid out of court settlement.

  2. Marocco, 29th May:

  3. Marocco, 29th May:

    1. Thank you for bringing that one to our attention.

      The family originally posted a youtube video. It was horrific to see the child awake, crying, with a missing part of the glans. It brings tears to my eyes to remember it.

      They deleted the video later. There is however a text by the family (in Arabic) telling about it, at

    2. The video should have been saved to compile an archive. Please save all going forward.

  4. The AAP and others act like it's no big deal that babies are dying or having their penises destroyed because it is uncommon. Well, to the babies it happens to, it is EVERYTHING! The most unconscionable thing about it all is that the pain these boys, and their families, have been put through is all 100% preventable! Just don't cut up babies' genitals in the first place! Circumcision doesn't really prevent those maladies that those doctors on the AAP committees (many of whom are religiously motivated) claim it does. Countries with access to indoor plumbing, adequate diet, access to health care, etc., that are similar to the USA, but rarely, if ever, practice circumcision, would have higher rates of those diseases than we do. In most cases, they actually have lower rates of those things!

    Parents, those pro-circ American docs are feeding you a pack of lies! They may know that, or they may not have looked at the issue close enough to know that the myths they've always heard are really not true. Many are motivated by a desire to avoid facing an uncomfortable reality, that what they have been doing to babies, and was also done to them, as babies, was not just unnecessary, but damaging.

    We can't change the past, but we CAN change the future! There are many families with both intact and circumcised boys (including mine). All that needs to happen is for people to muster the courage to leave their baby boys' penises alone! Don't cut them, and don't try to force back the foreskin! Just let it do it's job and develop at it's own pace. If only we could get FEmale genitalia to be half as easy to care for as intact male genitalia!

  5. The pain on that baby's face really hurts my heart. I can't understand taking a baby from the womb, perfect in every way, then inflicting a wound on his genitals.

    This is, undoubtedly, just a small sample of the catastrophic injuries that result from circumcision. Most of them are hidden from public view. The deaths are usually attributed to something else. I'll bet the death of that beautiful baby boy pictured here was attributed to an overdose of pain meds, when the REAL culprit was the circumcision. I understand that it is difficult for people who belong to religions that practice it to stand up for their babies and refuse it. But I would bet that, if we could ask the mother of that baby what she thinks of the practice, now, she would say that it wasn't worth the risk. So sad.

  6. Pictures of necrotizing fasciitis (Fournier's gangrene) of the penis and scrotum following circumcision can be found on the web. The case reports are clinical, but if those men survived, it is anything but clinical to them.