Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boy (3 years old?) suffers partial amputation of the glans during circumcision in Morocco

A boy loses 20% of his glans during a circumcision. The boy cries in horrible pain.

This video may have been posted by the parents, who wrote:

l'assassin est docteur BOUHDI FOUAD Bd Fida à casablanca et le complice Docteur FAYSSAL LAZRAK de clinique ATFAL Oasis à casa: le premier a causé la coupure pendant la circonciosion et a mis des sutures en fermant carrément le canal d'urtine et le 2ème a refusé de délivrer le compte rendu avant et après opération qu'il a effectué sur mon enfant pour sauver le fonctionnement d'urine

(the murderer is Dr. Fouad BOUHDI Bd Fida in Casablanca and the accomplice Doctor FAYSSAL LAZRAK clinical Atfal Oasis casa: the first caused the break for the circumcision and put sutures closing outright the urinary channel and a second refused to issue a report before and after the operation he performed on my child to allow urination)

The video was posted May 18th, 2013.

From the description, the procedure was performed at Clinique Atfal, in Casablanca, Morocco.

Partial and total amputation of the glans is one of the "low incidence high severity" complications of circumcision, one which leaves life long complications. EVERY CIRCUMCISION exposes the child to this risk, even if with a low incidence.

Not only is the boy traumatized, but he may have problems with urination and sex for the rest of his life.

My heart breaks for this boy.

More information (Arabic):

More documented severe complications of circumcision:


  1. Bonjour,

    je suis la maman de l'enfant. Un médecin urologue à mopntréal (canada) l'a examiné et a confirmé qu'il a toujours besoin d'un controle à long terme car il risque d'avoir la stenose. Actuellement il n' y a pas de complication dieu merci.

    Une poursuite judiciaire contre le médecin qui l'a circoncis est déjà lancée, par contre j'ai pas encore déposé une plainte contre la clinique ATFAL complice avec ce médecin.

  2. This clinique is son broke his arm and was casted in emergency...10 days later we were at the beach and my boys cast go wet when we got home we decided to remove it on our own...thank God we did....his arm was not redressed!! The doctor actually casted the arm with redressing the bone first! we went to another hospital to break the bone back and recast it....A couple months later I bumped into another mother who had her childs arm casted as well as it was broken...and she said that her son had the cast on for the full term but when the cast was removed the arm was deformed, the same doctor didn't redress his arm before casting. He will have to go fo. 4 years of treatment to get it normal again... I don't know what is going on in this clinic but they are criminals!