Thursday, May 9, 2013

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership providing information and assessment on circumcisions

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership providing information and assessment on circumcisions.

"[... A]gencies need to work together to promote children’s welfare and prevent them from suffering harm. Children who are being or who are likely to be harmed are safeguarded best when safeguarding procedures are consistent across Greater Manchester. " - GMSP website

"Many religious groups including Judaism and Islam"... hmm so 2 = many?

In Greater Manchester, circumcision for baby boys is not provided by the NHS unless there is a medical reason. However, many families want to have their baby boys circumcised for religious or cultural reasons.

"Surgical procedure" - she keeps repeating the word " procedure" even after acknowledging that it is not being done for medical reasons, and as if it doesn't mean cutting off 30% to 50% of the skin of the penis of a baby.

4:07 "parents need to be able to access the practitioner after the procedure has been carried out and the reason for that is that there may be difficulties"... hmm like a missing chunk of the glans, or like uncontrollable bleeding compromising the baby's life, yeah you know, those little "difficulties" that we don't want to think about.

"safeguarding children website"... hmm... safeguarding by subjecting to unnecessary, risky and damaging surgery. Good job.

I understand that her point is to look for a "minimization of harm" by providing more accessible medical circumcision. However, look at the double standard. The United Nations and the WHO call to eradicate any attempt at medicalizing female circumcision because it will increase the prevalence of the practice. The UK, in spite of having a large Muslim population, is not looking to provide a better female circumcision service to "minimize the harm"; instead, they are trying to prevent girls from being taken abroad to be circumcised, using education and legislation. Girls are seen as potential victims of female genital mutilation. Boys are seen as patients undergoing a procedure to appease their parents' religious beliefs. See the double standard?

Double standard in action:

GMSP page on circumcision

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership has developed a leaflet to provide advice for parents to choose the right service for their son’s circumcision.
You can also find below a list of quality assured services that have been assessed as providing good practice. These are judged by a professional panel and will be updated every year.

GMSP forum on female genital mutilation

  • To monitor the prevalence of FGM across Greater Manchester through midwifery and CSC data.
  • To influence the provision of quality assured FGM training and protocols/policies across Greater Manchester
  • To work with CPS/GMP on best practice approaches to protection and prosecution learning from the Metropolitan Police’s Project Azure.
  • To publicise the prevention of FGM as a safeguarding and human rights issue.
  • To consult with local women affected by this issue.
  • To promote a holistic approach to adult women who have been mutilated considering referral pathways to support and knowledge of options including deinfibulation surgery.
  • To report on progress annually to representative’s LSCB/LSABs. 
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Well, I'm worried about your baby boys, Greater Manchester.

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