Monday, May 13, 2013

The Vatican tolerates stem cell research from Genital Mutilation

From: The Stem Cell Research and Cloning Controversy
  Issue: 40   Page No: 18   Updated: 12/27/2010 10:00 AM
Author: John M. Swomley, Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics
Topics: Cloning
Type: Article

The present controversy over stem cell research and cloning has occurred because Pope John Paul II has decreed that human life begins at conception instead of the biblical view that human life begins at birth. This is the basis for opposition to various forms of contraceptives, to abortion, and to stem cell research.

However, the Vatican does not object to stem cells derived from miscarried embryos or from umbilical cords. It also does not object to skin stem cells derived from the foreskins after circumcision.

Dear people of the Vatican,

Foreskins used for research were cut off from babies who did not consent and who may not agree in the future with a) their foreskin being cut off, and b) their foreskin being used for research.

Circumcision of minors is ethically contentious. Benefits from stolen goods are immoral benefits. You, of all the institutions, should not condone non-therapeutic genital cutting of minors, and the industrial/commercial/academic use of the tissues removed.

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